Thursday, April 28, 2011

If It's Not On The List, It Doesn't Exist

The list is long and getting longer. Do your lists do that too? No matter how many things I manage to check off in a day, they just lead to other tasks to complete.

Can not believe it is 9 days until Handmade Harvest! Annie, Samia and I took a mini road trio out to Almonte yesterday to drop off our swag. The dropoff was at Blackbird which is owned by one of the organizer's. We were in and out in a jiffy as Annie's daughter was in a protest on Parliament Hill (Zoe, age 9, activist extraordinaire), and Sam had kindy, but I have to tell you - that's a shop I need to get back to. Front to back, floor to ceiling gorgeousity. (I'm getting on that making-up-my-own-words favourite is requenching. That totally should be a word.)

Both Annie and I forgot to take our cameras with us so no photos of the road trip, Blackbird or Colleen (a sweetheart and the other half of the hardworking Handmade Harvest twosome). I had some photos on my phone but do you think I can get them to send to my email? No I can not.

So my list is definitely not getting any shorter by blogging. I leave you with a few snaps of what's brewing in the rehash product line for Handmade Harvest, Saturday May 7th. You don't want to miss this show if you are in the Ottawa area - awesome artisans, great swag and raffle prizes. A great opener to the spring/summer craftshow season. Love.

Felted bags awaiting embellishment...

Hoops for my Stitch Bytes line...

One of the many buntings awaiting assembly...


  1. I look forward to seeing those felted bags!

  2. Thanks for the blog post and SO sorry I missed you girls! Your swag stuff was to die.
    To DIE I tell you.
    Totally reposting this on my blog okay?
    Can't wait to meet you ladies next weekend!

    By the by. I'm all about inventing new words. Adding gorgeousity to the list stat.

  3. Glad you liked the stuff Em! Your store is sweeeeet! See you one week Saturday (wow).