Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elastic Thread Rocks My World

I really like elastic thread. It makes for easy breezy, quick, and mindless sewing. Which I can really get into sometimes. I was on a mission these past two days and whipped up two skirts and a top for myself (out of thrifted bedsheets), and a dress for Sam (thrifted pillowcase). All for summer - so nice to sew summer things rather than winter don't you think?

Perfect bummin around summer clothes for hot sunny days. I am eagerly awaiting those days let me tell you! Alas, it is time to crank up the sewing skill level however. In my mind, there's always a time and place for elastic thread, little-to-no-measuring, eyeballing, shortcutting, and all-round paper-bag fitting clothing. It has served me well and I have made some lovelies. But the next round of sewing that takes place by these hands will be tailored, patterned, measured, and suitable for more than bumming around. I'm looking forward to it. Anyone seen any fun patterns for summer dresses lately?

The look of late. Don't mind the lip plaster she has a prediliction.
There is at least one on her body at any given time.

Can I tell you how happy I am that this is a 4 day week? Love.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Go Find Your Inspiration

Alisa Burke is one of those women who floor me. I think she is so amazing. She is wildly creative and ridiculously generous with her ideas, how-tos, and expertise. I love following her blog. You should check her out. But first check out this video she made. It gives me goosebumps.

I am often filled with great doubts about what I am doing and what I can make of it. It seems like such a mountain sometimes. And every once in awhile, I feel a confirmation. I should follow my dream and keep doing what I love to do, what feels right. This video is confirming to me.

And how great is that song? Love.

Monday, February 14, 2011

And the winner is...

I have no idea how people do those randomn number generated selections on other blogs. I will have to search for a tutorial on youtube. Luckily, having 16 followers, the old -fashioned way of pulling names from a hat still works!

So the winner of a $25 gift certificate for any rehash product is...

Adam Chenard

(the crowd went wild). Adam, I have sent you an email notifying you of your big win! Congratulations and thanks to everyone that's following me and reading my blog.

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm one of those people that loves Valentine's Day. I hope you are having a loving day loving those who are loving you back. Here's a cool video created by Andrea Dorfman via ArtMind. Love.

I'll be back later tonight with the winner of my $25 giveaway! If you are following, you are officially entered.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I can't believe the weekend is over.

Shocking how fast those weekends fly by isn't it?

And it was a busy one. Craft and Cocktails on Friday night with a group of really cool women and a dude who are making really beautiful and cool things. Kathrin Von Dehn, who hosted the event, has a great house in the neighbourhood with big, bright, funky rooms and the walls are covered with her gorgeous art. She's a very talented lady that one, (she makes stunning jewelry too), and she threw a great night out for the gals (and the odd man too). Thanks Kathrin. This is where I would link you up to her blog or her shop but she doesn't have one! And of course I didn't start taking photos until the evening was in the late stages and you know my problem with focus on a camera. That and the fact that it was Craft AND Cocktails and, well, I can't show you a single photo of what she creates. I'm hoping someone who was there will send me some photos of the few people I missed and the few people who I did no justice with my poor photography.

But here are a few shots of some of the work that was displayed at Kathrin's and whom I had a publishable photo!

Susanne Loerius ( adornments4u(at) ) makes lovely glass beads and jewelry - the details she adds and the colours she uses are really breathtaking. Petra Bokowski is a felter that makes the most gorgeous scarves and felted goodies - unfortunately the photos I have of Petra's work did not turn out. Sorry Petra!

Karin Flemig, (Painted Lady), works alot with vintage and thrifted items and makes really fun clocks, wrist cuffs, and purses. I love looking at her things.

Here I am. I am actually not eHASH, (I don't fill those kinds of orders) but I do have lots of bunting, crocheted and felted flowers, and a melee of other. You can see Annie's awesome felting kits in the back and her cute felted magnets just in front of them.

Eliza von Baeyer of Indie*Go Designs makes the coolest jewelry from Asian paper, maps, pictures and whatever else catches her eye. Fabulous pendants and rings - a ton of fun things to wear.

Amanda Porter of Green Acre Toys makes beautiful wooden toys and puzzles. Her stuff is really well made and finished and are definitely of the keep it for your kids' kids variety.

Adam Guzman-Poole is the creator of the above jewelry made from repurposed cutlery and other metal products. He has an eye for the unique and it's amazing the shapes and lines he creates in his work. I happen to know he is developing his blog as I write this but it's not quite there yet! Go Adam Go!

If I happen to get photos of the people I missed at the show, I will definitely post their work. If anyone sees anything they like or wants to see more, send me an email or post a comment and I can get the individual's contact info. Unfortunately most of us do not have on-line shops as of yet or blogs that I can refer you to.

And I have rambled on for long enough so I will sum up the rest of a hectic and fulfilling weekend with minimal wording:

winterlude, long skate with aunt uncle and my cousin, (temper tantrums, no names), ice sculptures, cab rides, home sweet home, late night with sugar high children, sleep-in (only me but that's who counts here!), hot chocolate sale, LOVE that kid, sucky sugar cookies, fashion shows, LOVE that kid, dog walk to the dog park, toboganning, laughter, meltdown (no names), snowbank foolery, Star Wars, early dinner, early to bed, kissing freshly shampooed heads, LOVE that. I am so glad that this is a 4 day week!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This That and the Other

I have been stockpiling empty spools of thread, well, every time I empty one. Needless to say, I have quite a few now. I knew that I would do something with them some day. That day has come.

Blooms. Tiny vases with tiny flowers on tiny branches. Fun.

I really love making flowers out of felted sweaters it's super easy. Last week at the workermade meeting, Annie, (you may have heard me mention her...?), presented me with a glorious piece of hand-felted felt. She made it with a complementary colour in the middle. I love the look and I love that my friend has transformed raw material (roving) into a funkalicious supply for my blooms. Annie was over for a business meeting today (ha!) and I've asked her to make me some more. Purples and blues are headed my way, I am stoked. In exchange I am making some bunting for her to take to Thailand for a school that she taught at in Surat Thani. I'm going international folks.

Craft and Cocktails over at my friend Kathrin's this Friday. There are about 8 of us that will be displaying our wares for friends and friends of those friends. Will most definitely be a fun night and am looking forward to it. If you are in the Ottawa area and would like to come, comment with your email and I can send you details.

I have been letting my gratitude Wednesday slip by the wayside as of late. Kids are asleep, so I will just give you mine: I am grateful for my steamy fictional love affair with Jamie (from Outlander). Oh, and the farmers.

Yesterday, Sam and I had a bit of a rumble. She has been a bit cheeky as of late and I gave her the goods. At the end of my rant, she looked at me and said, "You are not my weel mudder." I bit my tongue but it was hard as I wanted to ask her just who her real mother was and when was she coming to get her. LOVE. Always LOVE.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wed By Hand

Had so much fun today at the Wed By Hand Show. There were so many wonderful artisans there with their beautiful, unique wares - alot to covet (which I did, and still am). Got some really positive feedback and very encouraging responses from people. It's so nice when the things you make elicit warmth and smiles and perhaps even a little joy. Our bride and groom were a big hit - Annie and I are dying to get some custom orders as they were so much fun to make. Lots of interest in the bunting, ribbon wands, and felting workshops too. A wedding show is so different than a craft show where you can measure how you did on the spot. With wedding shows, you don't know until months down the road (I'm guessing because I don't really know what I'm talking about having never done a wedding show before). Both of us were really happy with the event however and had a lovely time meeting lovely people.

Met an amazing couple Jordan and Brian who are getting married on August 22nd. Budget, $0. Yep. They are borrowing, freecycling, and begging (their words not mine), their way to a priceless wedding. Check out their blog. It's more than just a wedding on a non-existent budget, this couple has identified that there is so much commerce involved in a wedding and when it's over, what do you do with your 30 vases? As they describe it, Project Priceless is a bit of an experiment in social media and a study of human kindness and generosity. I think this is a really exciting project and it sounds like people are really getting on board. They are super fun and I love their aesthetic - leather and feathers (preferably of a peacock); colours: green, eggplant, orange, and vanilla. I'm hoping to do a flagline for them.

And, I am running a little promotion right now. On February 14th I will be having a randomn draw. If you are following my blog or are following by Feb 14th you could win a $25 credit for any rehash products. So follow me if you aren't already. I will lead you into all sorts of trouble. No I won't but I would have back in the day - I was badass to the bone. Now I will just lead you down the twisting turning path of my crafty mind (all very innocent, I promise).

And now. I am bagged. I will leave you with some rather blurry shots of our Annie Bananie / rehash table. I love taking photos on manual, I just wish my eyesight wasn't so crap. I will post more about Wed By Hand throughout the week with a little shout out to some of the many wonderful makers I had the pleasure to meet.

My bed calls. A long and hard sleep, I am due. Love.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keep On Keeping On

I think I finally have my mojo back. I have momentum. I got a beat to my drum, a shimmy in my step, a flush in my cheeks (that's windburn).

Could I be so ridiculously simple of a human being that this change in energy, attitude, and skin colouring is the fact that January is D - O - N - E done? That month is just way too long. February, I know you can be a bitch as well but at least there are not 31 of you.

Things are a happening over here in preparation for Wed By Hand. I have been knitting, felting, crocheting, cutting, glueing, sewing, and embellishing up a storm. It's been really fun. Sam is my crafty companion and our mornings have been full of tea, chats, and creations.

Sent off my submission for Handmade Harvest yesterday afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed. I know they have been receiving alot of applicants and I know there is alot of talent out there. Obviously if you never hear me speak of this again you will know of my REJECTION.

Tomorrow night is the 2nd meeting of workermade: the handmakers' collective. I'm really looking forward to it - a great group of women with such a lovely common interest. I love the ideas, the knowledge, and the support. I have started a Facebook Page but I am waiting for my friend to bring me back Illustrator from Vietnam so I can do a logo and upload it. Hopefully by next week it will be up and ready.

Have a great day...