Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Heart Weekends

What a great weekend. Had Whit and Annie and their kids over Friday night. Summer is in the air! Kids were outside until dark running around playing games, getting dirty, laughing and soaking up some long-awaited Spring. Homemade pizzas, lemonade, ice cream and smiles all around - especially on us moms!

Now it's back to the books. I'm madly trying to catch up on the week that I lost with no text. This course is intense. Heavy reading, lots of really brand new concepts and jargon. I'm finding it difficult but at the same time I'm loving it too.

The kids and I decided that this week (starting Monday) is birthday week!!! I am turning the big 4-0 on Thursday and I'm going back to old school celebrating. So far Monday is scones at Wild Oat (love this place), Tuesday is movie night ($2 Tuesdays at St. Laurent), Wednesday is making cake day, Thursday is out for pho and eating birthday cake, Friday is the girls out on the town (can't wait), Saturday is "whatever I want to do day" (I know after Friday a large part of it will be spent in my bed which is just perrrfect), Sunday we are going over to my Aunt and Uncle's for my cousin's birthday who is turning 7 (it's part of my birthday week because I won't have to cook and that, my friend, is reason enough). Jack and Sam are already planning their Birthday week. Love it.

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  1. Thanks for the pizza and laughs on Friday. Enjoy your birthday week and I'll see you on Friday! Woohoo!