Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pinch of This and a Squeeze of That

I'm finding it so much easier taking photos with this strong Spring sun. Instead of having a 20 minute window of ok lighting, it's now the better part of the day. This morning I was out taking some photos of some things I had made and actually had to come in as the sun was too intense. The sun was too intense - that just gives me goosebumps of joy.

Got to hang with Annie a few days back and she brought me a wonderful and thoughtful gift from Thailand - some beautiful cotton sarong material. It's gorgeous. I don't know if I'll be able to cut into it. I think I have to add it to my pile of material that I can't bear to use (not just yet anyways).

I have been exploring various techniques of needlecraft over the past few months. The pieces make up a series which I call Stitch Bytes. They are experiments in old school needlecraft with what I consider to be, new spins. I just completed a project that I started on a whim last week. I grabbed some material from my pillow case stash and I needlefelted some details on it. The flowers were pre-existing (printed on the fabric) and the butterfly I added. It was fun to do and I'm anxious to find some more fabric to explore this technique further. Here she is...

And a close up...

And this evening I completed my application for the Prince Edward County Women's Institute Craft Sale that is in July. I will mail it off in the morning. Yes, as in, post it. With three hard copies of photos. Country charm. Wish me luck - it's a fantastic show.

That's what's going on around here. Oh! And perhaps I haven't mentioned - I'm a student. Just started my first class (Accounting) on Friday. I love its uncreative nature strangely. It really feeds my numbers and structure needs and doesn't take from my creative headspace. I'm telling you everything is just so finely balanced in my pumpkin.

Looking forward to this Wednesday's workermade meeting. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but Annie and I started a handmaker's collective back in January. We meet the first Wednesday each month. It's an opportunity for local makers who are selling their wares to get together to support one another, promote the handmade industry and each other, share ideas and resources, and have a night out. If you know of anyone who would be interested please let them know about us!


  1. I love your butterfly Karie. Also where is this Prince Edward County craft fair? Are you holding out on me? I look forward to see what you do with the material. Have a sunny, warm day.

  2. Gorgeous, it adds so much softness to the fabric.

  3. sounds like a fun craft fair...i love that area of beautiful! good luck!

  4. Thanks everybody! Sue, I just realized you will be at Handmade Harvest too - I look forward to meeting you there!