Thursday, October 28, 2010

Puppy, Pumpkins, Party

It's been a busy couple of days in the Ford household. The main event being the addition of a puppy to our crazy lives. I do question my sanity. Seems like as soon as things are settling and life is going smoothly and merrily I like to shake things up a bit. Bodhi's the name and he's damn cute and as we all know, it's a good thing puppies and kids are cute cause they sure do rock your world. Samia is over the moon in love and Jack is very fond but also somewhat nonchalant about the whole thing which I think is good because nonchalance in Jack is a rare and treasured thing!

Yesterday after school the kids carved their pumpkins with our dear friends Billie and Lydia. It's been a long time since we have carved a pumpkin for Hallowe'en as pumpkins are pretty scarce in Asia. I do carve a fine watermelon. A pumpkin is much more difficult - all that scraping? You just don't have to do that with a watermelon. I roasted pumpkin seeds after which Jack and Sam have never tried. We each had a (note the singular), handful and I remembered that they really aren't to my liking but I will forget that again next Hallowe'en when I next have my single handful. I love the idea and you just have to do it and when they are hot they are good but when they are not, they are wood chips which Bodhi loves and I do not.

Today is my day off. Thursdays Samia has been going to a friend's house from school first thing in the morning until I pick Jack up from school. Tuesdays we have her friend at our place so we two moms each have a whole 6 hours of doing whatever the heck we feel like doing. I love it. I wish I didn't love it so much but I swoon for Thursday mornings when I drop my little girl off and run home and try and do everything I haven't been able to do all week, in my 6 hours of bliss. Today I cleaned the house, made cupcakes for Samia's class tomorrow (Hallowe'en), took Bodhi for a long walk, (around the block but it takes about 40mins.), and now I am finally getting to post something in this here blog which I've been wanting to do for days. I have just over an hour before I get the kids and I will just be a much better mom, and human being for these most of precious 6 hours.

On the crafting front...what's new? Well, I am slowly but surely working on a friend's winter solstice calendar (think advent calendar but for 21 days). I am really enjoying doing it but the one part I am not so fond of is cutting out all the numbers from felt. That, my friend, I find tedious. But I am almost done and then I can sew it up and start on the next one. I really want to do a bunch of really nice bunting style advent calendars to sell. I really love them and I think it's such a nice way to get the kids all cranked up for Christmas. Like they need help. Seriously though, they are a really beautiful way to celebrate the coming of Christmas and all that that may mean for your family. And I love the idea of filling all those pockets with treasures, it doesn't have to be commercial right? Or, hell yeah! If that's your thing. A special note, a drawing, toboggan trip outing, or movie night token can stuff those pockets as easily as anything else. Why not make it mean something. It took me four attempts to spell "toboggan" right. This winter thing and all that is associated is freaking me out.

Also, I have some quilts in at 3 Little Monkeys here in Ottawa which I am very excited about. They have taken four quilts on consignment to suss out how they will do. I am keeping my fingers crossed as that would just be a fabulous thing if it works out. If you have never been to 3 Little Monkeys, it's an amazing children's store with two locations - one in Westboro and one in Ottawa South. Everything in the store and I mean everything has been chosen with care - the products are gorgeous and really engaging for kids. The owner is very supportive of handicrafters and small business and well, you should just go check it out.

One hour left in my six...I think I may do some guilt-free reading. Love.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear You, it's Me

I set this blog up about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been looking at it ever since thinking – hmmm, I should probably write something! Afterall that is the idea, right? But where to start? I have contemplated so many different first entries my head is hurting. I have told many people that I have a blog but when they say, "how do I find you?” it's very awkward. "Uhhh, well, um, so, I like have a blog, but,..., yeah, no, I haven’t written anything yet. It's pretty though.” I have seriously spent waaaay to much time thinking about my first words. I mean, how do you just… start? This is how:

I woke up this morning and realized that if I didn’t write anything soon than I wouldn’t ever write anything and there was no better way to start than now. So here I am. I am very excited about this process, amazed and overwhelmed at the whole blogger community – they’re all just so darn generous with ideas and friendly beyond belief. I don’t know that I fit in. I do know that a blog will be a great tool for me to get the stuff that is in my head - out 1) by writing about it 2) by doing it (ie. Creating– which is the ultimate goal).

So, how does it feel now that I have my first words out there(I keep hearing echoes)? Well, I like talking to myself, so, not too bad at all. But I think I will leave off with a little snap of my score from this weekend’s fabric sale at the Glebe Community Centre here in Ottawa or I think I just might ramble on endlessly. Love.