Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello Handmade Harvest and a Felted Flower Magnet Tutorial

Welcome Handmade Harvesters! and you too! Was that not a great craft show? (yes, I am writing this Friday night and pretending that I'm not, clever, no?) Here is the tutorial that I prepared as part of the rehash contribution to the swag for Handmade Harvest. If you were one of the first 50 people in the door on Saturday - well done!! and I hope you like all your goodies. For everybody else, rehash contributed a circle of felted sweater and a magnet as well as a link to this tutorial on how to turn these items into a felted flower magnet - magic I tell you.

Here's the tutorial...and happy felted flower magnet making! and super big thanks for supporting the handmade movement, for that alone, I heart you.


  1. Good Job, Karie and Samia :)
    Thanks for inspiring me to do a video tutorial.
    love ya girls,

  2. Thanks Annie! We are the one-take wonder team. It's so nice to have so much room for improvement!!

  3. Sorry about the lip syncing issue - that's annoying. Like I said lots of room for improvement!

  4. I love the little flowers and think they will make a great brooch ... am going to teach Emily how to make them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Well done Karie and Samia!!! What are you going to teach us next?