Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March: Don't pull those bullshit February moves.

Can I just go on for a minute about how glad I am that it is March? Not that March is in itself any great shakes but it is in a Canadian's mind the month before the month before the almost end of crap weather. I know I went on a bit about how happy I was that it was February but now I know better and I won't do that again. I mean with the 8 inches of snow that was dumped yesterday I have learned my lesson. As was explained to me today by a seasoned Canadian "at least you know in March, even if it's freezing cold and nasty every day, which it often is, at least you know it is near to the almost end of it sometimes. Kind of. (pause) Sort of." Heh?

Sewing bags. Lots of bags. Cute little patchwork bags with velcro fastenings and mix-matchy linings. I am trying to perfect a pattern and have been having some luck. I am currently on bag 4 and I think I have almost got it the way I want it. Perhaps I shall post a tutorial when I am happy with the results? My first tut. yeah! The bags are made all from my stash and mostly repurposed fabric. Here's a snap of the first one:

There's a little Heather Ross goodness in there courtesy of my friend Mad via Annie. Love her stuff. Note to self, before taking photos, iron. I don't make my bed either.

Been thinking alot lately about consumerism as I have been feeling quite needy for new clothes and bright, shiny new stuff - anything! I love stuff dammit. I don't have alot of extra coin for stuff right now which makes me think of stuff all the time. But I do have willpower so... I have made a decision that I am not going to buy any new clothing for myself. I don't want to say "never" but, well that's the idea. Every item of clothing that comes into this house for me will be of the hand-me-down variety (I have a very generous sister-by-another-mother (and father) and a girlfriend of mine so it's not like I'm hurting. Other than that I will purchase only thrifted and handmade items. When I told my dear friend Whitney this she said/asked, "but you're going to buy your socks and undies new?" I told her "hell no! I'm going to upcycle them." Don't tell her I'm joking.

I'm itching to make more bags before bed. Love.

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  1. My God Karie you make me laugh. Greetings from Thailand! I love you! I hope your gearing up to your trip is a good one. It feels good.