Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because it's Been Awhile.

Don't say I never post pictures of myself.


Alot can happen in a week. It's been one of highs and lows. And I'm just sorting out in my head - why the things that happen, happen the way they do? I have to believe in signs and timing to make it all OK. Be grateful for the signs as they put everything in perspective and take comfort in the hope that things will happen when they are meant too.

Here's what's going on in my world:

This is what's on my nightstand (a random book off the library shelf
with two minutes to choose one - no expectations. I like that.)

This is what's on my mind (and it
would make me happy. Very happy).

This is what's on my lap (a new project and exploration of knitting/felting).

This is what's on my street (and 20 more cms to come tonight).

This is who's on my bed (if you're disappointed, you are not alone).

And because it's Wednesday...I am grateful for the early morning laughs with Sam as her tummy growled for ten minutes (her stomach never growls as she NEVER stops eating), the fabulous morning picnic snacks that she makes and have become a ritual, and her new-found confidence (snow mountains, being in a room on her own). I am grateful for the smile on Jackson's face when he sees me at afternoon pick-up and for his inability to knowingly do wrong. I am grateful for Whitney and her car for driving me today when I just couldn't bare to walk. I am forever and always grateful for my mom and dad. And to Simone, Charlotte, Kelly and Carrie - my gratitude spilleth over. Love.

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