Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Arrived!

Although I had trouble convincing Samia of this change in seasons this morning. She said Canadians are very messed up weather-wise. We went to bed last night with just a few patches of snow and woke up to a winter wonderland. Just the kind of snow you want on Christmas morning. But still it warms my heart to know winter is over. Buds on trees and crocuses, ants and puddles, warm sunshine and chattering squirrels are around the corner. Pack these hideous clothes away and bring out the cute stuff. My flipflops are calling and my skin is in bad need of a sunkiss.

My friend Laura over here is donating 100% of all her sales from here to Gobal Giving for the relief fund for Japan. Laura wants to empty her shop so please go check out her gorgeous things and play a small but vital part in helping out the Japanese people and their recovery from the horrific events of late. Laura makes the cutest hats that are the perfect transition hat from winter to spring and summer too. They are fun and funky and handmade lovely.

Sneak peak before you go waltz over there yourself...Love.

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