Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elastic Thread Rocks My World

I really like elastic thread. It makes for easy breezy, quick, and mindless sewing. Which I can really get into sometimes. I was on a mission these past two days and whipped up two skirts and a top for myself (out of thrifted bedsheets), and a dress for Sam (thrifted pillowcase). All for summer - so nice to sew summer things rather than winter don't you think?

Perfect bummin around summer clothes for hot sunny days. I am eagerly awaiting those days let me tell you! Alas, it is time to crank up the sewing skill level however. In my mind, there's always a time and place for elastic thread, little-to-no-measuring, eyeballing, shortcutting, and all-round paper-bag fitting clothing. It has served me well and I have made some lovelies. But the next round of sewing that takes place by these hands will be tailored, patterned, measured, and suitable for more than bumming around. I'm looking forward to it. Anyone seen any fun patterns for summer dresses lately?

The look of late. Don't mind the lip plaster she has a prediliction.
There is at least one on her body at any given time.

Can I tell you how happy I am that this is a 4 day week? Love.

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