Thursday, March 24, 2011

Checking In

Having a very restful and lazy afternoon. Feels great! Both the kids are off to friend's for playdates straight from school so I have been gifted this little lump of precious time. The sun is streaming in the window hitting my lap and it's soo warm. I love to feel the sun's warmth again.

Played photographer this morning and have listed some new things in the shop. Some cute little zipped and lined bags that I have been making.

Tomorrow I will list my practical and fun (can you beat that?) waterproof pinic/beach mats. Perhaps a bit early for that sort of thing but when it comes, well, you need to be ready don't you?

Remember this?

I finished it.

I was fun to do and satisfying. That being said I'm not super happy with the finished results but now I have an understanding of how it works and how I'd like to change it so I think there is some more experimenting in my future. I may actually pick out some yarn specifically for the next project rather than the use the only three balls I had under my bed like I did for this one. The pattern I used was from the book, Alterknits Felt by Leigh Radford. Definitely one of the best felting books I have ever come across both for Leigh's projects and for the techniques taught. This one will be late going back to the library let's just put it that way.

Just read this entry over at The Happiest Mom. It really echoes some of the feelings I have been having of late. Not going to go on about it here because she says it better than I ever could but suffice to say, I find it really difficult to close some chapters in life - especially those involving my kids. But, thankfully, life has a way of quickly reminding us that this very moment right now is pretty damn fine as well.

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  1. Love the bag and your shop looks great! I read the happiest mom post... it feels like everything about motherhood is bittersweet at times. :( :)