Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keep On Keeping On

I think I finally have my mojo back. I have momentum. I got a beat to my drum, a shimmy in my step, a flush in my cheeks (that's windburn).

Could I be so ridiculously simple of a human being that this change in energy, attitude, and skin colouring is the fact that January is D - O - N - E done? That month is just way too long. February, I know you can be a bitch as well but at least there are not 31 of you.

Things are a happening over here in preparation for Wed By Hand. I have been knitting, felting, crocheting, cutting, glueing, sewing, and embellishing up a storm. It's been really fun. Sam is my crafty companion and our mornings have been full of tea, chats, and creations.

Sent off my submission for Handmade Harvest yesterday afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed. I know they have been receiving alot of applicants and I know there is alot of talent out there. Obviously if you never hear me speak of this again you will know of my REJECTION.

Tomorrow night is the 2nd meeting of workermade: the handmakers' collective. I'm really looking forward to it - a great group of women with such a lovely common interest. I love the ideas, the knowledge, and the support. I have started a Facebook Page but I am waiting for my friend to bring me back Illustrator from Vietnam so I can do a logo and upload it. Hopefully by next week it will be up and ready.

Have a great day...

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