Sunday, February 13, 2011

I can't believe the weekend is over.

Shocking how fast those weekends fly by isn't it?

And it was a busy one. Craft and Cocktails on Friday night with a group of really cool women and a dude who are making really beautiful and cool things. Kathrin Von Dehn, who hosted the event, has a great house in the neighbourhood with big, bright, funky rooms and the walls are covered with her gorgeous art. She's a very talented lady that one, (she makes stunning jewelry too), and she threw a great night out for the gals (and the odd man too). Thanks Kathrin. This is where I would link you up to her blog or her shop but she doesn't have one! And of course I didn't start taking photos until the evening was in the late stages and you know my problem with focus on a camera. That and the fact that it was Craft AND Cocktails and, well, I can't show you a single photo of what she creates. I'm hoping someone who was there will send me some photos of the few people I missed and the few people who I did no justice with my poor photography.

But here are a few shots of some of the work that was displayed at Kathrin's and whom I had a publishable photo!

Susanne Loerius ( adornments4u(at) ) makes lovely glass beads and jewelry - the details she adds and the colours she uses are really breathtaking. Petra Bokowski is a felter that makes the most gorgeous scarves and felted goodies - unfortunately the photos I have of Petra's work did not turn out. Sorry Petra!

Karin Flemig, (Painted Lady), works alot with vintage and thrifted items and makes really fun clocks, wrist cuffs, and purses. I love looking at her things.

Here I am. I am actually not eHASH, (I don't fill those kinds of orders) but I do have lots of bunting, crocheted and felted flowers, and a melee of other. You can see Annie's awesome felting kits in the back and her cute felted magnets just in front of them.

Eliza von Baeyer of Indie*Go Designs makes the coolest jewelry from Asian paper, maps, pictures and whatever else catches her eye. Fabulous pendants and rings - a ton of fun things to wear.

Amanda Porter of Green Acre Toys makes beautiful wooden toys and puzzles. Her stuff is really well made and finished and are definitely of the keep it for your kids' kids variety.

Adam Guzman-Poole is the creator of the above jewelry made from repurposed cutlery and other metal products. He has an eye for the unique and it's amazing the shapes and lines he creates in his work. I happen to know he is developing his blog as I write this but it's not quite there yet! Go Adam Go!

If I happen to get photos of the people I missed at the show, I will definitely post their work. If anyone sees anything they like or wants to see more, send me an email or post a comment and I can get the individual's contact info. Unfortunately most of us do not have on-line shops as of yet or blogs that I can refer you to.

And I have rambled on for long enough so I will sum up the rest of a hectic and fulfilling weekend with minimal wording:

winterlude, long skate with aunt uncle and my cousin, (temper tantrums, no names), ice sculptures, cab rides, home sweet home, late night with sugar high children, sleep-in (only me but that's who counts here!), hot chocolate sale, LOVE that kid, sucky sugar cookies, fashion shows, LOVE that kid, dog walk to the dog park, toboganning, laughter, meltdown (no names), snowbank foolery, Star Wars, early dinner, early to bed, kissing freshly shampooed heads, LOVE that. I am so glad that this is a 4 day week!


  1. Am guessing the temper tantrums and meltdowns were yours....? Surely not those lovely kids!

  2. Simone, I confess we are all equally passionate!

  3. Awesome post. Love the hot choc. stand! U R Funny!
    Sorry I missed the show... sicky kids here.