Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kids' Dress-Up Clothes

Through the years I have loved watching my children dress-up in costumes and "try on" different characters, personalities, and abilities with the addition of a hat, a sparkly scarf, or discarded old shoes. Imagination knows no bounds and really blossoms with a trunk full of clothes and accessories.

Here are a few photos of some of the children's costumes I have for sale. FYI, there is nothing handmade about the "Asian Princess" or "Tea Party" costume. The Princess costume consists of an authentic Vietnamese au dai, sequined slippers and fan, while the Tea Party is a feather boa with party hat (I glued on flowers - very DIY), and ceramic tea set. The Cowboy/Cowgirl (available in pink, brown or black) has a felt sheriff's vest which I made and is sold with a very nice cowboy hat and bandana which I did not. The Chef outfit has a handmade apron and matching hairband (boyish aprons have bib and chef's hat) and comes with a wooden spoon and potholder (no makey). The "Superhero" outfit comes with black or pink cape, mask, and power cuff all handmade. The superhero comes in a black/red thunderbolt combo, or a pink "flower power" or "love heart" combo. Please email me if you need further details. The prices for all the costumes are $25 except for the Asian Princess which is $30. I also sell the sequined slippers separately for $15. Many sizes are available. These outfits make wonderful and unique presents for birthdays...

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