Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wed By Hand

Had so much fun today at the Wed By Hand Show. There were so many wonderful artisans there with their beautiful, unique wares - alot to covet (which I did, and still am). Got some really positive feedback and very encouraging responses from people. It's so nice when the things you make elicit warmth and smiles and perhaps even a little joy. Our bride and groom were a big hit - Annie and I are dying to get some custom orders as they were so much fun to make. Lots of interest in the bunting, ribbon wands, and felting workshops too. A wedding show is so different than a craft show where you can measure how you did on the spot. With wedding shows, you don't know until months down the road (I'm guessing because I don't really know what I'm talking about having never done a wedding show before). Both of us were really happy with the event however and had a lovely time meeting lovely people.

Met an amazing couple Jordan and Brian who are getting married on August 22nd. Budget, $0. Yep. They are borrowing, freecycling, and begging (their words not mine), their way to a priceless wedding. Check out their blog. It's more than just a wedding on a non-existent budget, this couple has identified that there is so much commerce involved in a wedding and when it's over, what do you do with your 30 vases? As they describe it, Project Priceless is a bit of an experiment in social media and a study of human kindness and generosity. I think this is a really exciting project and it sounds like people are really getting on board. They are super fun and I love their aesthetic - leather and feathers (preferably of a peacock); colours: green, eggplant, orange, and vanilla. I'm hoping to do a flagline for them.

And, I am running a little promotion right now. On February 14th I will be having a randomn draw. If you are following my blog or are following by Feb 14th you could win a $25 credit for any rehash products. So follow me if you aren't already. I will lead you into all sorts of trouble. No I won't but I would have back in the day - I was badass to the bone. Now I will just lead you down the twisting turning path of my crafty mind (all very innocent, I promise).

And now. I am bagged. I will leave you with some rather blurry shots of our Annie Bananie / rehash table. I love taking photos on manual, I just wish my eyesight wasn't so crap. I will post more about Wed By Hand throughout the week with a little shout out to some of the many wonderful makers I had the pleasure to meet.

My bed calls. A long and hard sleep, I am due. Love.


  1. Good luck with some orders - your work is fab!

  2. I'm sure you'll get a lot of requests for the Bride and Groom. Who wouldn't want a soft cuddly mate instead of a hard cold plastic or porcelain one???

    They are just soo cute!

  3. I have been meaning to check out your blog for a while..glad i stopped by - the bride and groom are soooo cute! love the little heart she is holding (like your bunting too!)