Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Put 'er in 5th. Tomorrow.

Life has returned to "normal." Kids are back and we have fallen into our usual routine once again. Feels good.

And when I look back at the past three weeks and think of the work that I got done and the accomplishments I made, I think... what the hell did you do for three weeks girl? I know I'm being a bit hard on myself and quite possibly the fact that I did spend alot of time sleeping in and reading and daydreaming and puttering was exactly what I needed to do. At least that is what I am telling myself so that I don't tell myself, "you're a lazy cow."

But check out my pretty picture.

This is a big stack of felt triangles that I have cut for bunting. Although I am still making my cotton custom-order bunting, I thought it was high time to use up this heap of felt I have collected. The idea behind this line will be customized bunting that you can buy by the letter. The felt line will be interchangeable so that you can move the letters around to create different words (as long as you have the letters you need). Does this make sense? Stay tuned, by the end of the week I will have some samples completed and you will see my vision!!

Good news. Annie and I have been accepted at the upcoming Wed By Hand show on February 6th. We have three weeks to get our act together!!! So the next three weeks will be a bit of madness but we are very excited to be involved and looking forward to it. As we actually create items, I will post them. That doesn't mean we haven't done anything yet, no m'am. That doesn't mean THAT.


  1. Hey Karie,
    Funny thing is that I was looking at your stack of felt today and thought "what a great picture that would make." and by golly it is!

  2. Love that idea of moveable letters!

    I have $25 for you (felt and beads). Can I give it to Annie?