Monday, January 3, 2011

Anybody seen my phone?

I am missing my kids.

It is amazing what you have time for when you are are not responsible for children.

Even if most of what I am accomplishing is in my head, it's good. Plans are hatching, business ventures percolating, dreams solidifying.

Very excited that Annie and I have finally set a date for the first "workermade: the handmakers' collective" meeting. And it is this Wednesday. We haven't given people very much notice but it was a definite case of now or never as the next month or so is pretty packed. The idea behind holding these meetings is to create a supportive community for handicrafters who are pursuing their craft as a business. We see it as a forum to share our personal handicraft journeys, expertise, and frustrations; a nurturing environment to ask questions, take steps and venture forward in our pursuit of what we want to achieve. I look forward to hearing what everyone wants out of such meetings - I think we can accomplish alot and that these meetings can become a very beneficial resource if that is the will of the people!!

Here is my go at a logo. Refer to second sentence of this blog. If I had Adobe Illustrator, I could actually do a logo rather than a PDF and save it in this ridiculous format which requires an hour to upload to blogger because I don't know what I'm doing. (I'm not that pissed tho, refer to second sentence of this blog).

Annie has just listed some awesome workshops this month on her blog. The kids and I are signed up for the family and felting workshop and I am doing the wet felting workshop as well. Looking forward to it. If you haven't done one of Annie's workshops or met Annie yet, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. So, go sign up!

And here's a little something I dream about doing one day...sooner than later. Love.

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