Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Would You Prefer...

It probably started close to a year ago. Jack came home from school with this new game, "Would You Prefer..." We played it at least, daily and it has now become part of our bedtime ritual around here. We go back and forth asking the other questions about what the other would prefer. Samia has gotten into as well now. I wish I had kept a record of all the prefers since its inception. They are almost always pretty hysterical, sometimes insightful, occasionally wildly rude and disgusting, and always entertaining. Sam's tonight were "Would you prefer to have a robber come in and steal all the presents or have 150 presents?" Tough. And the other, "Would you rather have your armpit under your arm or behind your ear?" Hers are always spoken with absolute earnestness too and in a whisper (it is bedtime).

Jackson's are lately of the "Would you prefer a laser gun that shoots 71,895 laser rays a minute or a stealth fighter that can turn invisible?" variety. Again, tough. Oh hell, I wasn't going to write the disgusting one from tonight but I will..."Would you rather eat a spoonful of a stranger's pus or two spoonfuls of a stranger's sweat?" I think my son often mistakes me for an eight year old boy.

On another note, (and to quickly get the above contemplation out of your head), I have started sorting through my HUGE bucket of wooden beads and have put some bead bags together along with a couple of metres of cord each. Not to play into the whole "pink is for girls" thing, but I have bags that are perhaps more lumberjack like than the others? I am selling them for $5.

Also, I have some handpainted dragonflies for sale. They are made of reed (ie. somewhat delicate for the under 4 crowd), and appear to fly as they balance on the very tip of your finger. I am selling them for $5 too.

If you are interested and living in the Ottawa area, send me an email karieford@gmail.com or post a comment. Thanks!


  1. Alright already. I said sweat. It really bothers me that it is a stranger's though.

  2. Karie you are too funn! Thanks for the bedtime laugh :)

  3. AWESOME!! I think sweat. Pus is just gross!

    I'd like some beads. A good crafting thing for Ian to do!

  4. Ha! Mad - and sweat isn't right? If you like I can drop beads off this weekend. Give me an email and let me know. Thanks!