Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome December

I can't stop making these little flower thingys that I found via a sweet blog I follow, How About Orange. The tutorial, by the wildly talented Alisa Burke, is for a "Recycled Roses Wreath" but I've been pumping these puppies out for a little crafting experiment of my own. Not prepared to disclose too much at this point because it is currently walking the very fine line between bust and bonanza (that's a tad strong). You'll know its outcome in the next few days by either reading about it ad nauseum, or never hearing about it again. That's my style.

It being December 1st. the Christmas tree has been erected and adorned with all the treasures amassed through the years. I managed to get the kids advent calendars up and presents wrapped for when they came in the door from school. Check check. Over the next few days we will slowly go through the boxes and finish decorating the house for the season. What is it about the change from November to December that puts a little bounce in my step? It's a matter of a few hours and I am much the merrier for it. It's my Christmas freakness come to life.

Wednesday's gratitude was somewhat unanimous. Samia is thankful for the Christmas tree and her baby Christmas ornament, Jackson is thankful for gogos and the Christmas tree and I am thankful for a wonderful evening spent decorating the tree with my gorgeous kids, breaking new ground and embracing life as a family of three. Love.


  1. Yeah!!! I need to get my tree up as well! Way to go girl you are a beautiful family, love the smiles.


  3. Pretty tree, and sweet faces! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!