Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One down, so many to go

I happen to know that my mom and dad are giving Samia a much desired American Doll for Christmas. So after reading about doll carriers on From An Igloo, I checked out Dolly Outfitters for myself. I have to say with a great big list of things I want to make for Christmas, I was looking to buy the finished doll carrier. It appears business is good in the doll carrier sector however as there were no carriers left that would be ready for a pre-Christmas delivery. So, I got the pattern and I just finished it this afternoon. Christine has done a really good review on her blog so you should check it out if you are interested in making one yourself. I echo her words - super easy, very clear instructions. I don't have alot of patience if things get a bit harry in the sewing scene - I am a big bailer. I didn't bail. One doll carrier complete. It's not perfect (my mistakes, nothing to do with the pattern)) but it's finished and I know Sam will be very happy.

The bag is also lined in the purple which is an old pillow case.

Ideally you would use a double printed quilted fabric but I had none. I used the designer's suggestion of ironing interfacing between the two cottons and it holds its shape nicely.

Next in line, Grandma.

Gratitude Wednesday: I am very grateful to have my mom's car for the hols - will make all the running around that needs to be done much, much easier! Samia is grateful for her Bindi the Jungle Girl videos she was given by dear friends. Jackson is grateful for his gogos and Lego. I feel the need to mention that not too long ago there was a time when my children were grateful for farmers, and the sun, and the good earth. Just so you know...


  1. Awesome Karie, Samia will love it!!!

  2. Thanks personal cheerleading squad! xx

  3. It looks like you did an awesome job on your doll carrier! Thanks so much for posting about your experience.