Thursday, December 2, 2010

workermade: Holiday Workshop

I'm really excited to tell you about my upcoming workshop Wednesday, December 15th. I will be promoting and teaching alternative wrapping techniques for holiday gifts and beyond! Participants will learn various techniques and make their own upcycled festive wrappings. I read today that in the U.S alone over 5 million tonnes of waste is generated during the merry season; 4 million tonnes of that crap is attributed to wrapping paper and shopping bags. I would love to see you on the 15th. Please RSVP by December 10th.
Alternative Wrapping Workshop

And even though it's not Hump Wednesday, I'm gonna shake things up a little bit over here and tell you all what I'm grateful for today. My friend Annie. I know I talk about her alot and because of that, some might even think she's my only friend! (don't worry, I am soo blessed with many fabulous, generous, awesome, and gorgeous women in my life whom I am a thankful for every day). Annie is my crafting kick-in-the-pants and cheerleader and she has offered me her workshop space so that I can hold this workshop and I love her dearly for it.

AND...I have such a big head right now. I can not believe I just got this invite posted in my blog. I feel like a technological wizard which is 180 degrees (see I don't even know how to find that little degrees sign), from what I actually am. Ask me anything, go on...

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  1. wow! Karie, How did you do that???
    You'll have to show me tonight :) See you then...and by the way I am pretty darn grateful for you in my life too!