Thursday, November 18, 2010

SEW...what else is new?

Feels like that is about all I'm doing these last few days. Flaglines, flaglines and more flaglines. I'm pumping it out this week preparing for the McNab Craft Sale on the 27th. Annie just asked me to do another craft sale on the 4th of December. I think I will despite the fact that I wasn't going to take anything on in December as I want to get my own stuff accomplished (make stuff for kids, bake, enjoy the hols!). I think it will be a good one though - it's at the Waldorf school and they are also having their winter festival so the kids will have a good time too.

Eager to put aside the flaglines and start on some other things I'd like to start selling. I have some dress-up kits for kids that I still have to finish off. The themes I have are: scientist (lab coat, safety googles, supergoop, badge), cowboy/cowgirl (vest, bandana, cowboy hat), asian princess (au dai, beaded slippers, fan), princess (tulle skirt, beaded slippers, tiara), superhero (cape, mask, superhero vitamins, power cuff), chef (apron, hair band for girls, bandana for boys, wooden spoon, chef's towel, recipe book), tea party (tea set, fancy hat, boa). They require a bit more thought and a bit of sewing and they will be finished!! The thought requred is how to package them? I'm drawing a bit of a blank - would love it to be reuasble, (or at least not environmentally horrid), cute, inexpensive and/or easy to make...hmmmm.

As for what the kids and I are grateful for (Wednesday), I am grateful for a lovely morning tea with Samia at Wild Oat yesterday plus the added bonus of running into the gorgeous and positively good-for-the-soul, Annie. Love. Samia is grateful for her new ballet skirt she just got for her upcoming recital.

Jackson is grateful for his new library book.


  1. Ah! Karie it was such a nice surprise to see you too! You are a good friend love, Annie :)

  2. Aha! So this is what you have been up to. Can't wait to see all your stuff on etsy.... Miss you guys heaps, things just aren't the same. Hope you've managed to get the flaglines finished - gotta upgrade the sewing machine by the sounds. Used up all the felt from here yet?!