Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Done, Done, and Just Begun

Phhhhewww. I finally finished the advent calendar I have been working on for a friend of a friend. Thought I was done last week but it turns out the thing was huge (I don't know what I was thinking), so I started over again and designed a much more manageable winter solstice advent calendar coming in at 2.1 metres instead of close to 4!! Working on this project reminded me how time consuming creating is and how behind the ball I am on making things for the upcoming McNabb Craft Sale and for my babes and family. Wow. A little overwhelmed.

And because I never did post any photos of the kids for Halloween, here they are now...Took a ton but hardly have any as I have been trying to improve my photography skills by taking photos on Manual instead of Automatic. The problem is, I can never remember to turn my camera back to automatic after I've left it on manual so when the kids are running out the door and I'm trying to snap a few pics I am taking them on manual when what I want is automatic. I don't realize my error until later when I go to look at my photos and they are blurry and shitty. Hot damn!

If anyone can tell me how to place the photos that I import onto my blog that would be appreciated. And by anyone, that means you Annie!!!!! Any thoughts...Love.


  1. Karie since we already discussed the importing issues I will only address the fact that I am sooooooo happy to be reading your posts. Keep it up girl. You rock and let's not forget roll :)

  2. Love the advent calendar! I love your style!