Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump Day Gratitude

I have tried over the years, and, at times, been very good at stopping, taking a look around, breathing deeply and reflecting on the things, people, and events that I am grateful for. But lately I have not allowed myself the time to do this and I can feel its effects. My body is tense these days and I am packing in so much that I have neglected to appreciate all that surrounds me. I have been following Nikki over at Nikki and her family are doing a daily gratitude list for the month of November and she has inspired me to kick our gratitude into gear. Once a week, on Hump day, I will share my family's gratitude list for the day. I want to teach my kids to notice and appreciate the small, the wondrous, the simple. I want them to take the time to acknowledge kindness, beauty, and joy. I want their brains to process occurrences rather than just snowballing through life as we all so easily can. As I so often do.

What I am grateful for today: allowing myself the time to stop and write this blog and take a step in the right direction.

Jackson is grateful for his Bakugans. Samia is grateful for her dog.

Oh!! And by golly! I am very grateful for the fact that I just figured out how to place my photos more or less where I want them. Thanks for the tip AB. Love.

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